Bacon & Egg McMuffin®

Tasty British bacon with a free range egg and a cheese slice - all in a hot toasted English muffin.

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Per person/Average adult:
Bacon & Egg McMuffin®
Nutrition type Per portion % GDA
Energy (Kcals) 345 17%
Protein (grams) 19 25%
Carbohydrates (grams) 29 11%
of which sugars
2 2%
Fat (grams) 16 24%
of which saturated
fat (grams)
6 27%
Fibre (grams) 2 8%
Salt (grams) 1.4 28.0%

Our food: Eggs

All of the eggs used in our breakfast menu and sauces are free range.

Bacon & Egg McMuffin®

Our food: Eggs

Our eggs

All of the eggs used in our breakfast menu and sauces are free range and plans are in place to use only Free Range Eggs across the entire menu by the end of 2008.

Free Range

We take great care to ensure that all of our free range eggs conform to the Lion Mark code of practice. Our suppliers are accredited by the nationally recognised Free Range Farm Assurance scheme.


In 2006 and 2007 we received the "Good Business of the Year Award" from the British Free-Range Egg Producersí Association, which recognises our commitment to free-range egg production in the UK.


All the eggs we use come from hens fed on a non-GM diet free from artificial colourants.


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What's your favourite McDonald's Breakfast?

  • Oatso Simple
  • Just a Tea or Coffee
  • A Toasted Bagel
  • A McMuffin®
  • I love them all!

About the Bacon & Egg McMuffin

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    • British smoked back bacon trimmed, cured and carefully sliced.
    • UK-sourced free-range eggs produced to Lion Quality standards.
    • In 2005 our bakeries used over 10,000 tonnes of UK grown flour milled from 13,700 tonnes of wheat.

Your questions answered

  Why don't you sell McMuffins all day?

McDonald's uses the same preparation area for the main menu as the breakfast menu so it is not logistically possible to have both menus running at the same time.

How do you cook your eggs?

McDonald's uses free range eggs for its breakfast menu items. The shell eggs are cracked open and cooked on the hot grill using a poaching cylinder to give the eggs their shape.

Do you use British bacon?

All the bacon used in our breakfast and main menu is sourced from British pigs.

Do you cook bacon and burgers on the same grill?

No. All the beef patties that are used to make our burgers are cooked on a separate grill to the bacon.